Everyone loves to hate on Crocs, but the truth is if you wear Crocs you love them. So Crocs is done taking it on the chin. The time for "I'm rubber and you're glue" has passed. Crocs and Crocs fans are biting back.

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To kick things off, Crocs will take to Twitter. Using the hashtag #BiteBack, Crocs will give the haters
a taste of their own medicine.

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It's ridiculous that people express such hatred towards shoes they never have to wear. Crocs fans however, are so comfortable with themselves and in their shoes that rather than feeling beat down by haters, they want to share feelings of their own.



There's no doubt haters snicker as they walk past a Crocs store. With that in mind, Crocs will use their shop windows to make observations about these less-than-loving passersby.



 A snapchat filter will be released at the start of New York Fashion Week allowing you to place Crocs on the feet of models, designers, and other fashionistas. By scheduling this execution with NYFW, the filter can gain traction across the nation on the NYFW snap story.


AD/Designer - J.W. Affourtit
DP - Garrett LoBaugh