The only thing that sucks more than paying $10 for a beer at a concert, is paying $10 for a beer at a concert
and not even hearing your favorite song.


Email Blasts:

After ordering their Live Nation tickets, concertgoers will be sent an email from Groupie. This email will be visually themed based on the genre of concert the person’s attending and serves as an all access pass to the Groupie site and features.


Groupie Site:

After clicking through the email, users will be taken to Groupie’s intro page. There users will be identified by their ticket numbers and have the opportunity to request their top three favorite songs by the artists or bands they are set to see.

From there, users will be taken to the main landing page where they can see how many days they have until the concert, keep track of which songs are most popular in their area, and participate in a message board with other concertgoers in that city. With the Mixed Tape feature users can also stream the music of the artists or bands they are going to see so that they can brush up on lyrics.


Digital Rollout:

In the months leading up to the launch, Groupie will team up with Periscope to tease music fans with the benefits of Live Nation’s newest feature and create hype for the site’s release.

Here's how it works. During the three months before the launch, Groupie will live broadcast several mini concerts featuring some of Live Nation’s favorite artists over Periscope. During each mini concert the host will prompt viewers to comment, casting their votes for songs they’d like to hear. The first three songs submitted will then be played by the band and the host will plug the site before ending the stream.