TAKE or Treat

Using two things they love most — nostalgia and their phones — we helped TAKE5's millennial fan base
get the ultimate Halloween candy hookup.

Case Study:

Web App:


User Experience:

The web app featured a door that a user could physically interact with. A modal prompted the user to physically flip their phone, knock, and then open it. Using each phone's built in gyroscope and accelerometer, the web app sensed the opening motion and pre-loaded either a "trick" or "treat." (SPOILER: it's a TAKE5 Bar.) If they received a trick , they could knock until they received a treat. Then once they got a treat, they shared their address for a swift delivery.


Desktop vs Mobile:

Since the experience was designed for mobile, we made sure to leave a note for those who visited from their desktops.



To build awareness and excitement for the web app, we took to social with posts, gifs, and a hype video. 


A Note to the Treat Winners:

A fun card wishing the winners a Happy Halloween was mailed out with the bars.


After the Activation: