One of man’s greatest accomplishments shouldn’t also be one of the biggest pains in the butt. No longer
will it be business or pleasure. TGIFridays wants to bring the fun back to air travel one frequent flyer at a time.

Carry-On Companion Mobile app:

The key component of the Carry-On Companion is the mobile app. It stores users' information, unlocks the benefits of branded touch points throughout the airport, and takes the bad taste of air travel out of people's mouths.  It's like a handheld control tower as it helps users plan meal times, make their flights, and earn rewards for traveling.

Airport Touch Points:


Check-in Touch Point

The first of several touch points, the check-in kiosk allows users to scan or “check-in” with their app, collect new points for this trip, and receive useful reminders before taking off.

Flight Board

Loosely modeled after a traditional flight board, this digital display in the main terminal will update in real time, alerting travelers to how many seats are open at TGIFridays’ bar, what the dining room wait time is, and how long To-Go orders are running.

Security Touch Point

The TSA displays rules throughout security to make your flight safer. Similarly TGIFridays and Carry-On Companion also have a few suggested no-no’s to help make your trip a little more enjoyable.


Concourse Touch Point

Between fear of flying or crying babies, people have different reasons to not enjoy air travel. With this in mind, Carry-On Companion built interactive touch points in concourse areas that suggest cocktails based on the length of the user's flight and their general feelings about flying. For Carry-On Companion app users, this touch point also presents drink promos redeemable at in-airport TGIFridays.


Restaurant Touch Point

Upon arriving at your airport’s TGIFridays, Carry-On Companion users can scan their app at hostess stand, sending their information (name, flight time, rewards points) to a monitor on the table. The monitors and the info then allow the wait staff to keep service on schedule and help you have a stress-free meal before your flight.


Digital Airport Posters:

Displayed throughout the concourses, digital posters will encourage travelers to fly with Carry-On Companion and as a result visit their airport’s TGIFridays.

Before settling into the logo lock-up, the plane graphic moves creating a contrail-inspired design that playfully forms some of TGIFridays’ favorite offerings including burgers, wings, cocktails, shrimp, etc.


Roll-Out Banners:

Banners will target people on or who have recently visited travel sites and will encourage travelers to download
Carry-On Companion for their next flights.

                                                                                                                          Each banner has three panels.