Photographer: Garrett Lobaugh

It seems simple, but I have one of those names people love to butcher. So from a young age I learned the importance of patience and a good sense of humor. I'm a born and raised Georgia girl, meaning my blood type is Coca-Cola and I'm fluent in Southernisms. I was also born without a filter for questions and burps. Challenge me and you'll go down faster than a one-legged man in a butt kicking competition.

I'm a self-proclaimed Disney expert, recovering cheerleader, and musical lover. Chances are I'll always be the smallest and loudest person in the room.

There was a time when I wanted to fabricate custom motorcycles, but I couldn't deny my hatred for dirty fingernails. Some years later, I told my parents I wanted to audition to be a Disney Princess. They reminded me princesses probably don't openly burp. It was then I realized that whether we were talking about custom bikes or fairy tales the one thing I've always loved is a good story. So naturally, this chopper-loving, Disney Princess wanna-be became a writer.