Banana Boat #ScreenBreak

Spring Break's all about fun in the sun. Getting fried is the fastest way to stop the party. Banana Boat protects you and your squad from committing the ultimate party foul - sunburn. #ScreenBreak forever.


UV-Sensitive Flash Tats:

Banana Boat reps will pass out flash tats to spring breakers. After a couple hours of sun exposure, the tat will turn black,
signaling that it's time to reapply sunscreen.

Sunscreen Gif Booth:

Booths will be set up along the beaches of major Spring Break destinations. Spring breakers will hop into the booths, be misted with a fresh coat of sunscreen and receive a shareable gif.


Sponsored Hot Spots:

Bless up.

Specialty Packaging:

Who doesn't love good novelty packaging?

AD - Tyler Emmons
Designer - Kate Lewkowicz