Nudge by Fitbit (product Innovation)

People drive tired and can wind up in dangerous situations. To help drivers stay safe on the road and not drive drowsy, Fitbit will re-purpose its sleep tracking technology, pairing it with the heart rate monitor, to keep you awake and safe behind the wheel.


Before going on a drive, users select the Nudge function in their Fitbit apps. Nudge pulls recent heart rates from users' sleep and activity stats; then users start Nudge's drive mode. In drive mode users' bracelets monitor their heart rates while their phones track their routes. If a driver's bpm reaches a concerning rate the bracelet vibrates and the phone chimes notifying the driver of the nearest gas or rest station.


Promotional Air Fresheners:

To help keep drivers alert and to advertise Nudge, Fitbit will distribute promotional air fresheners through car dealerships and car washes. These air fresheners will be scented with jasmine, coffee, mint, citrus and other scents that spark the senses.


Co-Creator - Dwight Williams