LinkedIn Eraser (product Innovation)

Millennials, amiright?


Largely because of how they live their lives online, millennials have issues with landing jobs or just general corporate professionalism.


LinkedIn will help millennials get their ish together with LinkedIn Eraser. LinkedIn Eraser lets you view all your social media accounts under a microscope and erase posts or images a recruiter could consider red flags.

So basically it's a social identity scrubber. Scroll to the bottom to see how it works.


Roll-out Posters:

Posters on college campuses will get the word out on LinkedIn's newest feature.


Mobile Media Lab:

To roll out the new Eraser feature, LinkedIn will hit the road with a mobile media lab tricked out with computer stations. The bus will travel across the country on a college campus tour spreading the word about LinkedIn Eraser and helping young people get it together.

Eraser on LinkedIn: